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The royals hope that Prince Harry will arrive in Britain

Prince Harry is currently in the UK at his grandfather Prince Philip’s upcoming funeral, and the royals hope the visit will “melt” the excitement of the Sussex Oprah interview.

“At this point, I am told that he is clearly very sad because he misses his grandfather, but is also relieved to be here in the UK and to be happy to be here and looking forward to meeting his family.” Royal reporter Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s going to be an emotional reunion, he hasn’t seen his family in over a year, so I think a lot of people think there’s a silver lining in all of this, that’s finally going to be a family reunion.”

Nicholl continued that “there is every hope that this is the beginning of the melting of the gap between William and Harry” and later added: “I feel that this is definitely an option for the brothers. Be together. The time you need together.”

Unfortunately, Harry is unlikely to spend time with the queen – or other royals – before the funeral. “Prince Harry just doesn’t see the king because of COVID,” Nicholl said. She has to isolate herself for the next five days, but given what happened and what the queen is experiencing, I imagine she will be the first person she wants to see when everything is clear to her. Prince Philips ’funeral will be held on Saturday, April 17, and will be broadcast in the UK. The service is limited to less than 30 members of the Royal Family and Prince Philips Private Secretary.

What we know about Prince Philip’s ceremonial royal funeral

Unfortunately, Prince Philip mourned at the age of 99, and the royal family is currently planning their funeral. The service to the Duke of Edinburgh looks a little different than it was originally intended because the coronavirus pandemic limits the number of people gathering indoors. Still, key members of the royal family attend the funeral – including Prince Harry, who flies from California – and it is broadcast live on television.

According to The Sun, Prince Philip’s close friends and members of the royal family who are unable to attend the service will receive “login information to watch the ceremony online.” This private stream is assumed to be the same recording sent at. 15 BST on BBC and ITV – without direct comments.

This is the first time Prince Harry has seen royals in a year

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Prince Harry, who arrived in the UK on Sunday 11 April, has not been at home since March 2020. It is also important that he has not seen his family since the bombing of Oprah, where Sussexes spoke of racism, bullying and lack of compassion., They encountered in his time at the Royal House of England.

The interview had significant consequences for the royal family, but many hope that the royals will be able to discriminate their differences at these hours. The source had previously told “The Mirror” that Harry had spoken to his father, Prince Charles, before the funeral and “mourned” with the rest of the royal family.

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