How Has 2017 Been Treating Us So Far?

Only little over half has passed from this year and we have already been on a couple of emotional roller coasters. It seems like everybody is much more invested in the world economics, in politics and social trends. We seem to care more about everything and this is an amazing thing. Current generations are finally learning how to use the information we have access to. But this means a lot of filtering, knowing a lot of contexts and constantly looking for updated on the issues of interest.
What we chose to cover in our content so far has been the highlights from various fields of interest and from different corners of the world. You will get an idea of why did Macron win the French election when the nationalist movement was gaining so much ground. You will find out for how long you can still visit Venice, as locals are trying to get rid of tourists. We also considered the situation in Venezuela, a country that is experiencing food shortages and severe street violence on account of the current political situation. Speaking of shortages, we also presented the situation in Italy, a country currently faced with the worst drought in recorded history. And since we were circling the idea of food and drinks, we told you a few things about the scandal of the double food standard for Eastern and Western countries in Europe.
Looking to America we studied a bit the phenomenon of the Women’s March at the beginning of the year, and on that same note, we mentioned Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work book launch. And since we were on the subject, we tackled the issue of fake news as well as airline overbooking. Unfortunately, we were already able to draft up a list of celebrity deaths, a list with very high-profile names on it, although we are only half way through the year.

What Can You Get Out of This Content?

Western civilization, the US and Western European states have always been in the attention of the rest of the world. Every major revolution, every game changing idea started off here and the world has its eyes on everything the West is doing. This being said, any sign of distress, of failing to keep up high standards of human rights, freedom and general living, is seen as a bad omen for everybody in the countries taking their cues from the West and trying to live up to their standards.
From a sociologic point of view, 2017 is nothing short of interesting. To see the pillars of modern civilization shaken and to see how they react under the pressure of the moment, to have important questions asked with courage and to try to make an outline of what will come. We will be left to look at how Italy handles its water shortage, how Macron will do as a president, whether Venice will turn tourists away and whether another Women’s March will have the same turnout as it did at the first edition.